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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 6, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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met up on 6:00 top stories a deadline this next up on the proposition 8 battle. details ahead munis helping community ambassadors can ease tensions on some of the troubled reit will tell you what lines coming up. over night drug bust more than 100 marijuana plants were discovered details straight
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ahead. but more on this coming up first whether watching the weather allowed look i think that's what muckrake the fog afghan police of any sunshine this again? >> it's going to say foggy rate for the weekend i hate to tell you that was similar conditions persisting range your weekend echinus says that all low ceiling heights blocking tall buildings downtown shot we will continue to see the fog producing some drizzle through the morning hours. my kids than its pockets on your morning commute this morning below average temperatures in the afternoon well below average temperatures continues into the weekend your father right now fairly widespread consuming much of the north bay pushing into the delta through the livermore valley and throughout the south bay as well that fog floating down to san jose through morgan helles will mean, much of the peninsula 57 in oakland down in
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the south bay starting to get the upper 50s through mountain view and san jose 55 for livermore the 7:00 hour we are still keeping it in the '50s pretty " they're even heading to the noontime a mixture of the '60s and '70s high temperatures should talk about to the '70s they will be low '80s really cool forecast again. 77 santa rosa heading down to san rafael doesn't look like will get out of the '60s a 61 in san francisco are along the coast a lot of sixties out there. east bay keeping in the low sixties for berkeley, oakland fremont temperature topping out at '70s some of the warmer spots only low eighties for pittsburgh in antioch 80 degrees for concord and through san ramon 77 south bay temperatures in the '70s
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loaded '70s mountain view 76 in san jose your 7 day around bay continuing cooling trend in your weekend keeping it cloudy in the morning and then in the afternoon your saturday mostly cloudy breezy as well we will see more fog on your son david more clearing and cooler temperatures. george. >> a bridge check and korea a quiet friday no big problems no hot spots are delays yet the bay bridge looks like it is a smoother ride no problems heading from friday 24 or the nimitz freeway in san mateo right the right side your screen is the commute direction that is a good trip as well no problems over the high rise the 101 commute through marin county is trouble-free as to get to the golden gate bridge more from this morning and yesterday especially around its ban in
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the north tower. you will likely have someone showed wiper action this morning drizzle can meet that there. no delays on the northbound side. san jose highway 1 01 headlights are south bound ride had passed trembled the accrues moving smoothly from the great american parkway no delays headed towards downtown san jose turn on it looks good all the way to the coyote valley. >> police make a drug bust in oakland see is a big bags of corallites than marijuana over 100 plants were found this at fault 30 this morning in the 1200 block of 12th street they responded to a burglary call people were throwing bags of marijuana out a window into the backyard they caught the suspect ran away the second one tried to get away and was bitten by a
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police dog. a deadline has been set for lawyers on both sides of the same-sex marriage tissue damage from midnight to cement a brief on whether a day the judge should extend the stay which prevents same-sex marriages from resuming this comes two days after the judge ruled prop. 8 unconstitutional. now he has to decide whether to let lifts the blast at the end right away or delay implementation until it goes through the appeals court. one of the lawyers that led the charge says the judge's decision is a huge step in eliminating spot on state- sponsored. >> ball are being harmed by this discrimination. nobody is benefiting the been the defendant's own chosen experts admitted they have no evidence so there simply is not a
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legitimate argument in favor of continuing this discrimination. >> it is likely this circuit of the pills will not hear the case for about a year it is kicked to the supreme court that could take two years. members of the oakland pride organization gathered to celebrate zero coolant council says pride members must plan for us to come next >> that is part of the interesting thing about this moment there is a victory but we also know there will be appeals and it's not over. nonetheless is important to mark moments like this when positive things do happen even though we do know it's not over. >> >> members of the pride discussed fund-raising. stay with kron 4 and kron 4 dot com as we continue coverage. if team
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views muni. will tran reports it's not police officers but community ambassadors. >> the community ambassadors will not carry guns it will service extra eyes and ears for the police department as well as passengers among them they can speak seven languages ride and some of the roughest roads from morning till evening some of those roads we have seen a tax on asians and the elderly recently. even though they are not pleased officers they train with officials and union officials for two weeks this pilot program will run through mid september hopefully longer after that reporting from san francisco will tran kron 4 news >> we will be right back is news continues until 11:00 a.m. alive look from the richmond san rafael bridge light traffic fresnel the fog thick on the stand.
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the golden gate bridge sought been with the fog when shall wiper's necessary but traffic moving at the speed limit to vallejo a search warrant led to the arrest of two suspects. the solano county sheriff's department, with support from the district attorney and the executed a search warrant in the city thursday morning that led connection with an arson fire at the vallejo courthouse in june. vallejo resident octavia walton, authorities executed a search warrant in the 2700 block of webb street. a second suspect, 31-year-old vallejo resident benjamin stickel, was also arrested in connection to the arson. stickel was already in custody at the solano county jail on unrelated charges when he was arrested. the three-alarm june 30 fire at the solano justice center caused extensive damage to the court's criminal division offices. the initial $100,000 and $300,000. labor department reporting the economy added a net total of 71,000 jobs in july as private employers hired new workers that number below what is needed each month to reduce the unemployment rate. it stays unchanged 9.5%.
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most economists thought it will go up the economy lost a net total of 131,000 jobs in july that's mainly because temporary census jobs ended. dow futures sharply lower brainy opening bell coming up in 18 minutes. will be right back alive love from foggy san jose 101 north and southbound traffic moving suppose.
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welcome back to kron 4 morning news the time now 615 on friday a shot of san jose doesn't look much different from the rest of the week low cloud cover and san jose fog producing drizzle this morning's special along the coast current conditions 58 degrees by noontime 70 high temperature today only 76 so
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below what we should typically see and back down to the low '70's by the o'clock hour. a look right now the bay area forecast for inland spots today getting up to the low 80s continuing fog. the bay area should get temperatures into the '70s low 70's in the coasting as we head toward the weekend more fog expected we will see mostly cloudy conditions rose saturday expect overcasts forecast gestures cooling-off ever so slightly sinister for debate only staying in the '60s for the coast. your son it will continue fog but more clearing out there. fog sought and been through the north bay pushing and to the delta and the livermore valley you can also see pushing through fremont into san jose this morning as well. currently 527 cisco 57 oakland getting up for 50 surmount u.s. san jose, the afternoon will
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bring us below below average temperatures. upper 60s san rafael mill valley same story for vallejos stay cool in the peninsula pretty chilly conditions fairly similar to yesterday's 61 san francisco 67 sambar no over to these by temperatures low sixties for berkeley and oakland 70 hayward union city and fremont those worn spots were supposed to be warmed getting up into the low eighties for pittsburgh, antioch the south bay seeing low 80s in places like los gatos morgan hill which typically see '90s. 74 set a clear 76 the milpitas your 7 day around the right into the weekend. >> we are keeping an eye on the incline section of the bay bridge looking at the westbound ride chp reports a couple of cars are stocks on the incline and the right hand lane that
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they may have been involved in an accident as some watching traffic moving of the ramp section i don't really spot where the rain is blocked and more people are having to move over. it actually appears like the traffic is moving smoothly albeit heavily. we will keep an eye on and see if it is a problem for the west bound ride. so far looks good as does the right on san mateo bridge. we will try the richmond center mall rat san rafael bridge instead. traffic is getting to the toll plaza and without any problems from here to the golden gate bridge and the 101 cells bound ride. you see good conditions coming in for marin county no problems or delays. lastly the ride on interstate 83 albany we pick up the westbound ride here coming down from soaring toward schools and gate fields the cameras pointing down
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towards emeryville. no delays for west ride the headlights are eastbound back up towards sacramento. bart no problems or delays in with caltrans ace train #1 is on time train no. 3 is six minutes behind schedule. >> moron traffic we turn to solo reporter jacki sizzle. >> i don't on a talk about traffic but amid talk about the weather i don't know if you can see the flags the wind is gusting out here not only when the end foggy it is also drizzly out here. as i crossed over the span i had to turn on my windshield wipers it is august 6th i had to turn the wipers on. as i said earlier in swiss beyond bias but i think i speak for lot of people who say bring summer back please. >> we are waiting seven months
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was below average temperatures in the bay area. >> 48 people are rusted this week called gain * happened yesterday many were being suspects who violated parole or probation. besides making arrests they confiscated weapons cache and drugs. 30 agencies were involved this week took place in oakland, hayward and union city and fremont. san francisco is cracking down on to gangs the city claims terrorize the visitation neighborhood. a civil injunction against the down below staying which he says are responsible for 10 murders in three years. the interruption would establish the safety zone named a new members would be banned from trans pass trance
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trespassing and ordering. police are searching for to bank robbery suspects here is one of the surveillance images. they robbed two banks in antioch you can see one suspect holding the rifle on the left-hand side investigators say the suspects were in the bank for two minutes no one was hurt during the robbery. you can see each suspect one of them wearing a mask. no word on how much money that got away with. the owner of the pitfalls that fatally mauled the to year-old grandson he pleaded not guilty. it includes child abuse and owning a vicious animal the attack happened in concord last month authorities say he allowed his step grandson to be in a situation that resulted in his death. he is free on bail but is scheduled to return to court on monday. soon to be elena kagan
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is joining president barack obama at the white house. more on that coming up. we will be right backer as the news continues. úec
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59 at 8:00 a.m. of foggy day expected around parts of the bay and san francisco and near the coasts 78 forecast shows of cool weekend warmest high 80 degrees it will be nice over the weekend seven days '60s around the bay staying cool for the next seven days some stories crossing wires in the past 20
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minutes. saudis are trying to sell their blackberries they are regulatory agency said it would be cut off today. missouri says it's too soon to save some it will face charges in the crash that killed a 15 year-old student. happened yesterday when two buses slammed into a big red and pickup truck. baseball san dies at dodger stadium. his wife in grandson were among 4000 people on hand for the annual event. participating for the first time today in the annual today the 65th anniversary it is opening president barack obama will visit the city an idea he said he would like to consider but which would be highly controversial. 104,000 people
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died as a result of the attack. you are watching video of the commemoration today most of the city was destroyed. we will be right back as kron 4 continuous a live look at the james lick traffic moving smooth.
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a little hay but not too bad that no problems reported heading out from the toll plazas to the high-rise, across the flat section of the bridge. and then trim here will lead to the golden gate 411 southbound, you'll be coming to the fall of this morning. the silly problem you have to contend with at least on the bridge and through marin county the right at 1 01 south that still looks pretty good. the structure right to the richmond san rafael bridge kron4 jackie sissel providing us with the shot. you can see traffic getting up to the toll plaza without any problems or delays.
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no problems reported across the span. mark. >> the following proposition 8 the same-sex marriage battle until midnight tonight. judge vaughn walker should grant a longer term stay on his ruling to overturn prop. 8. the judge issued temporary stay after the ruling this past wednesday he will decide as early as next week whether to keep that stay in effect. jeff >> normal rule is what a lot declared unconstitutional is should not be allowed to remain in effect for one more hour let alone one more day level in the several days of delay the we're having. on the other hand, i think he is exercising an abundance of caution and i think there's a good reason for that. >> professors also has a there's the concern about what to do with the 18,000 same-sex marriages that were performed in 2008. what only to be called the
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good timing was the lawyers to let the lawsuit against prop. 8 talk about the case last may at the commonwealth club in san francisco. jonathan bloom was there. >> here's seven systems, while club civil rights attorney david boyce was met with a standing ovation and people asking for hogs and autographs. a day after his victory in the case overturning proposition 8 california's ban on sex same-sex marriage. he says that that opinion provides a favorable groundwork for gay rights advocate it the case moves on to the court of appeals. what to the other side do? he's not sure they can do anything. in san francisco doneness improve bloom kron4 news. >> same-sex couples are a just waiting to see a judge walker will extend will change a state or overturn prop. 8. they're at a lot of calls from couple since prop it was overturned in the been telling people who phone in
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that they cannot issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples until the state is lifted. the see that they are ready and the staff is making extra cop applications and a planet forms for the rush of same-sex couples were expecting to want to get married if the state is lifted. there is a possibility that there will be a ruling on the same-sex marriages if possible today but might not be until next week. still as kron4 news as we continue to cover the latest of the overturning of proposition 8. a new survey fro the starting pay as a police officer in san francisco is 6884 per month. over 82,000 per year. firefighters 36 grand a month or just over 73,000 years. that ties the city for police officers a san jose officer started 6700 a month and a low starting pay of the eight
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california cities to raise the sacramento were officers receive just over 4600 a month. this morning 11:30 a.m. cruz for rolling of the state building in stamford cisco against prison overcrowding. prisoners and their supporters will be joining in on a starving for just this past statewide. with the help of supporting groups, the group to try to close facilities and reducing the number of people incarcerated. prisons are worsening as prisoners of performance efficient medical care and inhumane conditions. is hoping that hope will ease tensions on some transit routes. the new program is placing 12 community ambassadors aboard muni's t-line and 9-san bruno routes. ambassadors are not police officers, rather they are there to serve as an extra set of eyes and ears on muni. the pilot program started in july and will continue through at least mid-september. the trans bay terminal) late tonight at midnight in order to
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make way for construction of the new trends bay center. the service the temporary turmoil admission and howard streets there are no buttons there by the way. transportation officials have of making a last effort to make people aware of these changes. we will be right back alive look for moloch bakery no fabliau to the in the east bay and traffic light right now on 680 north and southbound bakery no fabliau to the in the east bay and traffic light right now on 680 north and southbound to sell 24.
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unless the kron 4 morning news as 640 dow jones industrial average down 56 points down over half a percentage point right now. concerns over employment in the u.s. weighing on the market's mood of the july numbers coming up about it came out about an hour ago. the economy lost hundred and 31,000 jobs in july and 221,000 jobs in june. in california and there's
6:41 am
a bill headed to the california assembly with a stall merchants from charging customers who pay with a debit card. an additional fee the they've been charging them sometimes customers can trade church in or 40¢ to $50 pay with a debit card. retailers of the arguing that they have to pay transaction fee to card issuers and if they can't pass along some of the costs will be driven out of business. new details a chilling 9 when one call from the scene of that mass shooting at a connecticut beer distributor on tuesday has just been released. the call is from the shooter himself omar fortunes just minutes after he gunned down a co-workers and right before he turned the gun on himself to listen. (no audio
6:42 am
(inaudible) the 911 call was a total of four minutes long the distributors for thompson works never filed a complaint alleging racial discrimination is growth in claims he did. we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news of time now just before 7:00 a.m.. here's a look at the bay bridge approach to conceal it looks pretty ominous out there were dealing with low clouds fog even a little bit of drizzle out there and cool temperatures. currently in oakland about 57 degrees, noon
6:46 am
time getting up to 60 high temperature today 64 and back down to about 61 by 8:00 a.m. hour. here's a look now where we are dealing with temperatures in to the weekend. we will deal falls through much of the morning and then partly cloudy into the afternoon temperatures getting up in to the low eighties for the in the spot lows of news on the been the perfect is the coast. in to hear seven more cloudy conditions '80s for the in the spots for six is run the bay and los success for the coast. for sunday temperatures or to cool off and do little more than that. satellite picture shows the top in the north bay about 52 degrees for san francisco 57 into oakland and a perfect reason to mountain view. here's a look at your afternoon highs getting up in to the '70s for santa rosa 77 degrees mill valley about 69 degrees same story for san rafael and down along the peninsula 54 degrees sabbatical along the coast. and
6:47 am
as we head over to the inland spots where it to should be pretty warmer and this time we're only getting up into the low 80s and its target antioch upper '70's and pleasantville upper '70's through campbell kept about eighties and low status and morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay cooling-off before the weekend. george. >> will look to youjackie this d commute howdy like this one? >> the reconfigured the toll plaza out here last a couple weeks george and the cigarette is getting the hang of it now. we've had a couple small backups in the catalan and another thing you might notice is the slaying of my mascara morale of the wind
6:48 am
out there and went to get out of the stand you have to tran was once the wipers on as it is drizzling. >> is absolutely right back upon the approach but there may be some went to labor action for you not only here but through marin county. will jury the bridge in a minute. curious to know back and no problems on the approaches his 80 approach is completely clear heading into the toll plaza. for this in detail bridge, traffic still looks good no big pile ups at the toll plaza no backups yet for the west down right back. the traffic volumes are increasing, ever since congestion pricing would into effect on the first of july. the san mateo bridge to see more traffic. bowling gate no real changes there began fog and was likely a little bit when chilled wiper action for e.f. for your southdown ride. mark. >> thank you very much george other stores or following are now right now is to double the two office buildings of the power grid. the 600 kw solar way
6:49 am
up power and abrasions in san jose just one in operation this week and is 2500 panels and as one of the world's largest is one to supply power to parts of the company's campus. the city of san jose is try to draw. >> were committed to doing everything we can the council, the staff, everybody can major delivered opportunity to stay here in grow year despite fierce competition from other states. >> 2500 solar panels are still to be more officialdom pastor raised in respect to cut 10,000 t of grain has gases over 25 years. other news around the bay sentenc and =. the city was locked out of the
6:50 am
network for 12 days. child is facing a prison sentence of two to five years but would receive credit for time served. he has remaining estimate custody since his arrest in july of 2008. the judge was that the trial date for barry bonds today he is accused of 10 counts of false statements and one count of obstruction of justice in the 2003 grand jury testimony and develop those steroids pro. we're told he's not expected to attend this year and another hearing last month trial is tentatively scheduled for sometime march of 2011 with the exact date to be set at today's hearing. east bay has been named to the best of the west college for 2011 by the princeton review. the seventh straight year that the university has a recognized by the princeton review which. world stories that we're following a least 103 people have been killed and more than 370 injured today as he see
6:51 am
the heavy rains here in india they short flash floods and landslides, the death death toll is likely to rise in the rain came shortly after midnight into a sleeping residents by surprise. 6000 soldiers were deployed in a relief effort. one of indonesias most active volcanoes erupted this morning meeting several people badly injured. the mounds spewed lava and hot-hundreds of yards into the release for villagers living on amounts slopes are missing. the volcano's last eruption in july caused nearly 4000 people to be evacuated from five villages indonesias located on so-called pacific ring of fire. will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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in the east bay sprawly the nice weather this summer the 52 discrete degrees. dropping back down to the low '70's bay o'clock this evening. watching the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. forecast temperatures run the bay limited sunshine. we're going to see the cool weather continues fought near the coast for the next seven days. also watching wall street and employ readings coming up with a month of july the unemployment rate is to the same at 9.5% the hundred and 31,000 of a loss for the month of july in the united states that and 42 nasdaq at 8000 the 500 down five. stanley roberts takes a look of some of the visible stop signs in this edition of people of behaving
6:56 am
badly. >> according to a kron4 viewers the stop sign on the corner of acadian and sarah's san francisco is invisible to a majority of the drivers so i thought i would put the series to the test. let's see a first off this construction vehicle stops the answer is that how this muni bus don't laugh it might stop a committee not about this huge yellow city chefs the truth is, did your peers read i noticed a lot of drivers failing to stop for the stop sign. it has a lot of pedestrian traffic and to the fact of their least two facilities on this block. for some it becomes a small saucepan for others not even at all is your ultimate in san francisco police are aware of the problem and sometimes tickets are issued. again this
6:57 am
year is right because i found this officer walked through the corner looking for a violators. except everyone for the most part was a law-abiding citizen. except for one. intemperances go stanley roberts kron4 news. >> will be right back into minutes of the kron 4 morning news as it continues a lot more on the overnight drug was in oakland details coming up straight ahead on the two were arrested and all the pop has ever confiscated by police.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 a.m. when 100 marijuana plants were discovered details that. the next of the proposition 8 battle will same- sex couples be allowed to marry? will have the latest muni proposition 8 battle will same- sex couples be allowed to marry? will have the latest muni is hoping the community


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